The Process


You will…

1. Make sure your property meets all necessary requirements for receiving your NIDU / Ah! Home.

2. Pick your layout and options packages.

3. Reserve your spot in the production line.

4. Prepare the site and foundation to receive your NIDU / Ah! home.


We will…

1. Confirm transit route and location of the structure.

2. Help you plan your layout and options choices.

3. Manufacture and install your home as designed.

4. Turn the keys and home over to you, ready to be occupied!


What’s included?

Your Casa-i home is a turnkey product that includes the entire home, its fabrication, delivery to and installation on your site. And it is no ordinary home! Your NIDU or Ah! Series home is designed to be beautiful and energy efficient as well as rugged and well-built; carefully designed to resist hurricanes and seismic events. Because of our versatile structural system - your Casa-i home can be attached to a slab-on-grade or pillars, enabling it to be installed on a wide range of site slopes and adjusted to mitigate flood water levels in your area. In addition, because the house has a layer of interior and exterior concrete it is highly fire resistant.


Ready to start?…Yes please!

If you are ready to talk to CASA-i about your project, please follow these steps:

  1. Take a look at our materials options and packages (please note that not all options are up on our webpage yet, we will continue to update the Materials page). Indicate which module or modules you are interested in or, if you would like help figuring out which module(s) best suit your needs.

  2. Download and fill out the Selection Form and upload it to on our Contact Page.

  3. If you have information regarding your site - like a map pin or address - please include that in the Contact form.

  4. We will get back to you to set up a call or in-person meeting, no strings attached!