As simple or as complex as you want…accessories are add-on items to our basic modules. They provide a variety of functions and all of them are built to the same standards as the core modules. These items make CASA-i’s modules expandable over time. Start with a NIU and, as your needs grow, add on larger or more modules to suit a growing family or business. 

Connector elements

Connector elements are used to join together two or more modules. They provide a way to comfortably & securely walk between modules. Connectors can be enclosed for security or opened to expand outdoor living space; the options give you the freedom to choose how you want to live.

NIDU CONNECTOR with white background.jpg


This connector is open air (fully enclosed is available by request) but enclosed and acts as a hallway or corridor between modules.

NIDU CONNECTOR- TERRACE with white background.jpg

Porch connector

This connector acts as both a corridor and a place to be; it is a porch element that can connect to a larger terrace or garden area or work as an entry point between the street and your home.

NIDU CONNECTOR- CAR with white background.jpg


We have multiple options for carports that work with the CASA-i aesthetic. Carports combine with solar panels for extra energy production capacity or to work with electric vehicles - please ask us for more information if you would like this option for your project.

NIDU - Shower with white background.jpg

Bathroom module

The bathroom module is a separate unit that adds-on seamlessly to the main modules. This allows for versatility in layout and quantity of bathrooms, providing you with flexibility within the modular system.


CASA-i offers a sieres of screens or shutters for exterior openings. While our windows and exterior doors do not require hurricane shutters, you may want to use these screens for additional privacy, shade and security while naturally ventilating the house, or for aesthetics reasons.


Our original screen design is based on the Yagrumo tree (cecropia peltata) found in El Yunque and other areas of Puerto Rico.


Valustrade is based on the wood balcony railings of Old San Juan, playing with the inverse reading of the wood rail.

ironworks 1

This design takes inspiration from the grill work popular in residential buildings here in Puerto Rico.

ironworks 2

Ironworks 2 is based on the same grill work design as Ironworks 1 but it has fewer openings, creating more privacy.